-h3y quyz itz jax! im lead voc4ls of thiz band h3r3.- mk4y so im b4sic4lly a totalli r4ndom, w3ird, cooL kind4 chikk th4t luvvz t4 live lif3 as it iz. iqess im lay3d  bakk, crzy, and ist4nd upp furr wat i beleev in.ull probably find m3h list3ninq ta musique hanqinq out with mha fr3ndz, partyinq, or sinqinq. feel free to ch4t with usz h3r3 on our paiqqe!so thiz b4nd isz totalli qonna be cooL && i hop3 yhu quyz 3njoy our future musique. -haha- laterr!--jax<3

Sum oth3r thinqsz dhat yhu shud probly kno about m3h r tha followinq:- I do thinqsz at th4 very first opportunity I get to do th3m. -I dnt think twice wh3n pr3p4rinq to do sumthinq no matt3r how crzy it iz!  -I luvv t4 b3 surrounded by positive 3nerqy! - I'm norm4lly v3ry hyp3r. -I'm th3 onli on3 of my  sp3ci3s aka unique xP. -I st4nd up furr w4t I b3leev in aqainst whom ever. - I will st4nd up furr th4 ppl I car3 for and love. -I luvv musique, I love sinqinq and actinq, and I like h4vinq crzy, fun tym3z th4t I will b3 able to luk b4k on wh3n I'm olderr! :) 

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